torsdag 23. februar 2017

Mesterverk - Finalist in Melodi Grand Prix 2017 - The video!

Hi guys :)

So I just released the music video to my Norwegian Eurovision (Melodi Grand Prix) song.
And its a homage to being different, and the beauty in every one of us.
Hope you like it <3

tirsdag 4. august 2015

How I got 29'000 YouTube views in three days!

This Friday One Direction released their new record breaking single "Drag me Down".
So I decided to do a little cover of it :) Check it out.

Love you,


tirsdag 9. september 2014

Solveigs Act: interview with Aftenposten

The beautiful Peer Gynt experience

Wow! I can't believe how blessed I have been this year.
So thankful to Nationaltheatret, Alexander Mørk Eidem, Andreas Utnem for this MAGICAL opportunity. And the beautiful, warm and generous cast/family of Peer Gynt, thank you for your patience and kindness.

I love you guise <3

fredag 25. juli 2014

YOU can do what ever YOU put your mind, heart and crazy eyes in to!!

YOU can do what ever YOU put your mind, heart and crazy eyes in to!!
So, i've always loved the strings... but never had the guts to learn because I thought it was to late for me.
But, about one month ago I said FUDGE IT, and bought my self a violin for my 25th birthday. I've been teaching my self through youtube since.

My goal? Is to be good enough to play it live in one of my shows this year.
If I can do that... then YOU do anything!! (Clishé alert)
Never give up on your dream.